Investing Ukraine, Make your first step.

Investing Ukraine, Now it integrated into Europe in many approaches.

At a recent time, all Ukrainian have free visa regime for EU.

As the result of free visa regime.

The Ukrainian citizen to have free access to over 127 nations without visa.

Ukrainian Green Card.

Get it with an investment of one hundred thousand US dollars.

It permits you to get Ukranian Green card.

60 months past! It is great

You may apply to get a passport of Ukraine underneath certain rules.

Ukrainian Market Dynamic.

In this light

We list the top 10 of Ukrainian marketplace capabilities.

Unfastened trade settlement with EU.
Adopting and reforming regulations for Entrepreneurs.
Solid financial market
Skilled manpower with low wages.
Followed “ProZorro” the electronic public procurement machine.
Export merchandise, get refunded of VAT.
Without difficulty establishing an enterprise.
Potential to be silicon-valley of Europe.
Anti corruption bureau, working hard to meet the EU preferred standard.
Low running cost.



What kind investment you advice?


investing in ukraine


investing in ukraine

Import and Export

investing in ukraine


investing in ukraine

Solar Energy

investing in ukraine

Airport Mangement

investing in ukraine

Cheap Flight Affair

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