doing buisness in ukraine

Doing Business In Ukriane. Never was easier!

Business in Ukraine in each owner’s mind but there are 2 problems;

  1. How I can expand my business?
  2. Where I can expand it?

The solution for those 2 problems, we will list in the following!

Why Ukraine?

1. Ukraine has one of most talented people in IT sphere in the world

2. Ukraine is having one of the best tax reform in the recent years

3. Ukraine has the smallest running cost among all EU & the world

4. Ukraine has great infrastructure for start any kind of business

5. Ukraine has the easiest score of establishing company

6. Ukraine it is a multi-culture country with open to Europe and globe.

7. Ukraine has integrated to Europe thus many potential changes are coming

What kind of businesses are suitable in Ukraine?

•IT Sphere i.e Web development, App development, CRM, call center …etc


•Real estate developments



 Task name Score ” 100% easiest”
Dealing with construction permit 61.8%
Getting electricity 58.45%
Registering Property 69.61%
Getting Credit 75%
Paying Tax 72%
Trading cross borders 65%
Enforcing contracts 60%
Starting Business 94%
  • Data collected according to doing buisness org.

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